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The following preferences allow a user to control how some features function, and how information is displayed.

Themes are used for changing the look and feel.
Inbox Notification
If enabled, an email notification message will be sent each time an Inbox message is received.
Topic Numbering
If enabled, content topics will be numbered.
Direct Jump
If enabled, using the Jump feature will redirect to the selected course and load the same section that was being viewed in the previous course (instead of the usual course Home page).
If enabled, users are automatically logged in when they open ATutor. You should only enable this if you are accessing ATutor from a private computer, otherwise others will be able to login with your account information.
Form Focus On Page Load
If enabled, the cursor will be placed at the first field of the form when a page loads.
Content Editor
This preference controls how content is entered. Choose between Plain Text for entering content text that will escape any HTML markup and will be formatted as entered; HTML for entering HTML content manually; and HTML - Visual Editor for entering HTML content using the visual (also known as a WYSIWYG) editor which represents the content as it will be displayed. It is also possible to change the editor manually for each item.
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